Drink of Youth

The theme of rejuvenation has always been relevant. Both women and men have been conscious about it for centuries. There are many recommendations such as beauty parlours and SPA salons that are really trying hard to stop the process of aging as well as face and body skin fading. In addition, there are many options to do the same procedures at home. All these practices are really good and for some time they can delay the external age-related changes that are visible to the naked eye. Nevertheless, they are not a panacea, believe me. Young and beautiful skin of one’s face and body is the result of proper rational and healthy diet, low stress, and low external irritants such as polluted ecology, etc. We cannot always control all there factors, but we can influence nutrition, so, of course, it has to be of primary importance. In case we have (for various reasons) no opportunity to have meals on schedule and eat only healthy and environmentally friendly products (as it’s usually impossible in common practice), we should do everything to ensure that our organism receives the maximum of the most necessary biologically active substances in order to function normally and be healthy. This approach guarantees regular and stable renewing processes from within the body, resulting in a beautiful skin, playful gleam in the eyes and a mischievous charming smile, that are the signs of young and healthy body which hide the number of celebrated jubilees.
To make your body receive all the vital nutrients and never lack them we offer you a prescription of an anti-aging drink. Why anti-aging? That is because each of its components has rejuvenating properties, and all of them together they are just the elixir of youth. However, let us consider everything step by step.
Almost everyone knows what honey is, so there is no need to dwell on its composition and healing properties specifically. But please notice that honey is a bee product. All the summer bees collect pollen and nectar from different flowers, fill the substance with their own enzymes, and finally bring it into the hive. Later on these little hard-working creatures convert the nectar into honey. The type of obtained honey depends on what flowers predominate in places covered by the maximum length of a bee flight. If there is a field of buckwheat blossoms near the hive the honey would be that of a buckwheat type and would include a lot of iron, which is good for increasing the blood haemoglobin level. In areas where lindens or acacia abundantly grow the honey would be linden (the so-called white honey) or acacia, both of which are perfect for colds treatment. The exact place of nectar collecting does not matter – was it high in the mountains or on the fields located below the sea level. The bees have been doing their job well for millennia and honey has always been one of the most valuable products for humans. The main thing is that plants should grow on pure unpolluted soils and the beekeepers should pump the honey no sooner than bees have closed the cells with caps, thus giving to understand that honey has matured. Besides, beekeepers should not feed the bees with sugar, as honey loses its useful properties after that, as well as sellers should not dilute it with water or sugar. Preserving these conditions ensures that this unique healing product will be useful for you. Honey consists primarily of glucose and fructose carbohydrates. Entering the stomach glucose is easily absorbed directly into the bloodstream, and fructose is converted into glycogen and stored in the liver. However, if necessary, fructose is also converted into glucose, and this is an important element for the skeletal muscles and the nervous system support. Heart muscles also need both glucose and fructose. Furthermore, honey includes ferments or enzymes – these are complex protein molecules, which play a role of chemical reactions catalyst or accelerator. They are present in every living cell, and their number and activity affects any cell lifespan. Enzymes act quite selectively; each of them is responsible for only one type of chemical reaction. As the number of chemical reactions is numerous in our body, the amount of enzymes should also be large. In any case, today people know several thousands of enzyme types. Some portion of them is directly produced by our bodies, but this amount is not enough for its normal functioning. The enzymes production is also reduced with age, so we need a constant replenishment from the outside. The absence of enzymes, particularly in the digestive tract, can cause death for a person even under the condition of abundant nutrition. It should be noted that only 2% of honey are enzymes, but they number up to 15 types, all of which are very useful for our body. Therefore, the use of honey is so necessary and useful for us. It is also important to specify one more property of an enzyme, which directly affects the process of body rejuvenation. It is the ability to destroy damaged and dead cells. That is why honey can heal any skin damages. All the more honey does not only disinfect external damage, but is characterized by antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antitoxic properties. It also contains vitamins, micro and macro elements and amino acids, which certainly play an important role in the healing properties of honey. It should be noted however, that the recommended daily dose of honey consumption should not exceed 100 grams, so the number of useful ingredients in it is so small in comparison with other products. Thus these elements don’t play a big part in the healing properties of honey.
Vitamin C also plays an important role in body rejuvenation. It is a powerful antioxidant. Honey contains vitamin C in small quantities. Lemon is the major ingredient of our elixir when speaking about supplying the body with vitamin C. It contains from 40 to 80 mg of vitamin C per 100 g so combined with honey ferments it strongly protects and recovers body cell membranes from free radicals’ destroying activity which simply kills the healthy cells. At a young age the body is able to cope with this very problem, as it has its own antioxidant system. But over time, the effects of ultraviolet radiation, unfavourable environmental conditions and constant stress significantly reduce this property, and all this strongly affects the condition of our organism. Lemon is also useful as it contains numerous minerals such as potassium (up to 235 mg per 100 g), calcium and phosphorus (both 26 mg per 100 g), organic acids, in particular citric and malic acid, and flavonoids. All of them help to remove the harmful accumulations from the vessel walls and capillaries, thus enforcing our resistance to all cardiovascular system diseases. Besides pure vessels guarantee that blood reaches all the remote areas of the body, supplying them with nutrients and ensuring that separate organs as well as the organism as a whole function properly. Lemon peel is also characterized by many healing properties, as it contains a large number of vitamins, including vitamin P, carotene, pectin and essential oils.
Let us get back to the constituent elements of our drink. One of the important ingredients of it is garlic. It is widely known that garlic is a natural antibiotic. Besides, it also has the property to prevent the formation of so-called plaques in blood vessels. It ogresses the spread of different pathogenic bacteria and viruses inside our organism, thereby strengthening the body’s immune system. Garlic normalizes the stomach activity and regulates blood pressure. In addition it is recommended for people who suffer the changes in blood sugar level.
The last very important ingredient of the drink is linseed oil. It has been widely spoken and written about recently. It is the only vegetable oil that contains many polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9, which are indispensable for our bodies. These acids are the components of all body cells, including brain and nervous ones. Our body does not produce the acids, so linseed oil is indispensable in terms of supplying the body with necessary substances to ensure the normal functioning of the nervous system and stabilize the mental activity, as well as improving the livelihoods of all body cells. In addition, the oil combined with other healing means helps to get rid of many diseases.
We have told you about the properties of all components which constitute the healing and at the same time rejuvenating drink that can renew your whole body. Besides it is very easy to cook: four lemons, two of which are peeled, and two with skin, together with three peeled garlic bulbs should be twisted in a meat grinder, then mixed with one kilogram of honey and 140 grams of linseed oil. All this is mixed thoroughly and stored in a refrigerator in a glass or ceramic container. Take one tablespoon of this balsam three times a day half an hour before meals.
This unique substance has quite a pleasant taste. The piquancy of garlic and the flavour of fish oil from linseed oil are not felt in the balsam. In general it has a sophisticated savoury taste. And believe me, it is going to heel and rejuvenate your body, give you strength and energy, and make you look irresistibly amazing and beautiful.
We wish you health and well-being.


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