How to Get Rid of Gray Hair

Each of us decides individually the problem of relieving stress after working day, especially after a hard and busy week. The solution depends on one’s capabilities, preferences and desires. One of the most cheap, suitable and effective methods to relax and forget about everything are spa baths at home. At our website we have already told about different fillings and their influence on our body, but here we would like to dwell upon the spa baths with hydrogen peroxide.
Bath that contains hydrogen peroxide enriches the organism with oxygen, relieves spine, joints and muscles pains, and removes toxins. After such a bath you feel levity and freedom and it seems as if invisible wings are carrying you away. However, these are not the only advantages of this procedure. The most interesting thing is that three months of this bathing daily bring your hair its natural colour, even if it has already become gray.
It should be noted that passive staying in the water with peroxide is unlikely to relieve joints and spine pains. This procedure requires your action. You should massage the entire body, including the head gently and softly all the time. The massage should last for about twenty minutes. The massage technique is the following: hug your leg with two palms and move along it from the ankle up to the top about ten times. Apply the massage on one leg, then on the other one. It is desirable to massage each arm, chest, abdomen, back (would be nice if someone helps), and of course the head, rubbing the water into the skin and hair. Do it ten times on each part of the body.
To begin with fill the bath by half and pour only 200 grams of peroxide into it. It is recommended to take these procedures every two days at the beginning. After a month you may take them every day. Gradually increase the amount of hydrogen peroxide up to 300 grams at a time. Do not forget to take a shower before the procedure as it helps to wash away all the impurities which have covered the body during the day and thus ensures the smooth absorption of oxygen by your skin. One more note that helps to avoid any unpleasant situations related with health problems: you should always remember to take any procedures of this kind only when someone of your relatives or friends is present at home together with you. Never take the bath alone at home. If you will always massage your head and hair during the bath, then believe me, gray hair will no longer upset you neither will it recall the number of your celebrated anniversaries.
You may have many objections to this method of overcoming the gray hair. Among them may be the fast pace of modern life and constant lack of time. However, there is another way to get rid of grey colour of your hair. Perhaps, it makes no sense to tell about the sage plant as the history of this medicinal herb usage goes back to thousands of years. It has a large number of different healing properties. Even a pinch of dried sage, added to your usual cup of tea, which you love so much in the morning, will give you strength and improve health. Moreover, this drug has an excellent property to affect our body, not only internally but also externally. Decoction of sage can cure numerous skin diseases, but it is not the only advantage of this wonderful plant. We offer you to rinse your hair with this decoction, carefully rubbing it into the skin every time after shampooing. To do this, pour one tablespoon of dried herbs with a litre of boiling water and put it on low heat for five minutes. After that cover the container and let it for 15-20 minutes until the broth cools down to an acceptable temperature. Strain it. So, it is ready to use. This liquid not only helps to get rid of seborrhoea and other inflammatory diseases of the scalp, but also strengthens the hair roots. Hair becomes lush and beautiful and obtains a healthy glow. The most important effect is that after some time the gray disappears. The only caveat is for bright blondes: frequent use of salvia may change the colour of your hair.
We wish you health and well-being.


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