Psoriasis is an inflammatory, non-contagious skin disease. The predisposition to this is inherited. Typical symptoms are well-defined red patches covered with silvery scales and severe itching. Psoriasis progresses with exacerbations. It is not yet curable, but it is often easy to treat. Read here about the causes of psoriasis, how it manifests itself and what you can do about it.
Description: An inflammatory, non-contagious, almost always chronic skin disease with intermittent progression, severe desquamation, intermittent progression.
Symptoms: sharply defined, reddened areas of the skin covered with silvery scales, severe itching.
Causes: genetic predisposition, autoimmune reaction of the skin, possible triggers of relapse – stress, infections, hormonal changes, irritation and damage to the skin.
Treatment: drug treatment (anti-inflammatory ointments and creams with urea and salicylic acid, immunomodulators, TNF-alpha inhibitors, interleukin inhibitors), diet adjustment, relaxation techniques.
Diet: Mediterranean diet – lots of fish, little meat, lots of vegetables, cooking oils containing omega-3, vitamins; Abstain from alcohol
Forecast: incurable; However, the number, duration and severity of attacks can be significantly reduced with proper treatment; complete absence of symptoms is rare.
This is such a disappointing prognosis given by medicine about the incurability of psoriasis,
which I am about to dispute, not without reason.

The fact is that the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986 awarded me psoriasis.

In my case, I had all these symptoms, and this continued for 36 long years. Of course, I tried to somehow cope with this disease, and with the help of bioresonance as well. Indeed, in the antiparasitic block there are programs with this name. However, everything was in vain, until February of this year, when I finally managed to find a combination of programs that solved this problem. And my verdict is that bioresonance is a real opportunity to be healthy.

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