Skin Stretch Marks

The problem of stretch marks on skin has always been alarming mainly for women. These marks usually remain on chest or abdomen zones after pregnancy. It’s obvious that the birth of a baby requires a lot of attention at first, so a lot of women do not find the time and energy to pay attention to their skin. As time passes, the stretch marks become a lifelong defect. However, pregnancy is not the only cause of these defects. The reasons may be a quick weight loss or a hormonal disruption. Even young girls or guys face the problem and believe me, also do the adult males.
The reason for stretch marks is simple and banal. Skin loses its elasticity for various reasons, and in that condition every excessive load or tension causes small skin disruptions. There are small capillaries in the skin and they make these gaps look pink at first, later on they turn red and then blue due to small hemorrhages. As time passes, they become white. Our body tries to recover itself by “patching” these skin defects using connective tissue, at the same time trying to do it as quickly as possible. As any organism functions aiming at restoration, rather than beauty, the final result of all described above are numerous “canals”.
During pregnancy or keeping to a strict diet many women use various creams to prevent the formation of stretch marks. However, the result is not always positive. It is also difficult to change anything when the stretch marks have already appeared and some time has passed. Today, there are a lot of costly proposals to get rid of this problem. Among them are surgery, laser and meso therapies. Many offer expensive creams, not accessible for all. Besides, they rarely have any practical result.
There exists a substance, a mountain balm, called moomiyo. Many have probably heard about it, because since ancient times it has been very popular as a unique remedy. This topic is rather broad and interesting, and there has been written a lot about it, but we are not going to touch the idea of healing here. Instead we shall concentrate on moomiyo’s property to regenerate cells. As early as in the XVI century or even earlier people already knew the fact that this balm hastens the healing of bone fractures. Imagine the power of this substance: if a person only drinks the solution of the balm it penetrates through the skin and muscles and reaches the bones, accelerating their healing by as much as twenty days. In addition to the bones, the moomiyo solutions stimulate rapid healing of skin cuts and other injuries.
The substance contains about 85 minerals in ionic form, a lot of biologically active substances, vitamin B complex and amino acids, including fulvic acid. It is this acid that restores the cells’ lost electrical potential, increases the membranes’ permeability, promotes the minerals absorption and transportation. Moomiyo itself stimulates the fission of connective tissue and skin cells. Under the influence of fulvic it provides those cells with all the necessary minerals and nutrients. Therefore, the constant use and embrocating of moomiyo onto damaged and stretched skin contributes to its rapid healing and renewal, thus preventing the formation of deep fractures and – as a consequence – stretch marks.
We all know that skin cells regenerate over time. Moomiyo stimulates these processes and at the same time speeds up the process of resorption of scarring formed in the skin deep layers. Moomiyo supplies the cells with minerals, vitamins, amino acids and a lot of useful biologically active substances. It is a resinous viscous mixture, perfectly soluble in water. You may moisten the damaged skin area and rub it with a piece of moomiyo. Another way is to prepare a solution, and then rub the skin with it. Both options are not very effective though. The thing is that water dries quickly on skin and moomiyo forms a kind of crust on it, thus it very poorly penetrates the skin. So there needs to be a kind of conveyor that would quickly and seamlessly deliver the moomiyo elements into deep skin layers.
Fat can be used as such a conveyor. In this case the best option is lard or rendered pork fat. It never forms any crust and is absorbed into skin very well. Besides lard contains vitamin E, which is useful for skin and actively participates in its regeneration. Such a tandem of lard and moomiyo turns to be very effective for stretch marks prevention, it also helps to eliminate the newly formed stretch marks quickly. As for the old ones, it should be noted that the process of their elimination requires more time.
To carry out the medical procedure, one should first prepare an ointment. To do this, dissolve 5 grams of moomiyo in a few water drops to form gruel as thick as a thick cream. Continue stirring it and gradually add 45 grams of slightly warmed lard in small portions. Mix it thoroughly until it becomes a homogeneous mixture and you would not feel any lumps on your fingers. So, the ointment is ready to use. Preferably twice a day apply a thin layer of it on the affected area and rub it carefully. The treatment duration depends on the size of the affected areas and how long ago they appeared. Stretch marks removal is faster and more effective if in addition you drink the moomiyo solution. To do this dissolve 0.2 g of it in water and drink it, preferably for twenty minutes before a meal twice a day. Instead of water milk, juice or tea can be used.
Both moomiyo and lard enrich the skin with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This tandem soothes and regenerates the skin quite effectively, that is it contributes to its renewal and growth.
We wish you health and well-being.


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